Friday, May 15, 2009

Technologies that Enterprise CTOs Like

At the Interop conference next week in Las Vegas most of the educational sessions will feature vendors who will try to convince the attendees that they should acquire the vendor's products or services. There is nothing wrong with approach that as long as the speakers abstain from making too flagrant of a sales pitch.

One of my eleven sessions, however, does not have any vendor speakers. The session is entitled "CTO Roundtable - Which Emerging Technologies Will Make an Impact?" The session will be held on Tuesday from 2:45 to 3:45. The room for the session is Breakers E.

The exciting aspect of this session is that I have brought together CTOs from three companies that are in different industries and which very widely in size. I have asked the panelists to discuss which technologies they are bullish about and why. I am particularly interested to see if any of the CTOs are investing early in the life cycle of a technology because of the strong promise it offers.

I have also asked the three CTOs to identify which technologies they think are either over-hyped or just have little applicability for their organization. I am very interested to see which technologies make their lists for being over-hyped. To my way of thinking possibilities include SOA, SaaS, Web 2.0, desktop virtualization and public cloud computing. This session will be particularly interesting if one CTO identifyies a technology that they find to be very impactful and another CTO discusses how they find that technology to be over-hyped.

If you will be at Interop I hope that you find the time to attend this session.

Jim Metzler

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